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Test your skills!

Make as many words of four letters to more from the nine letters in each puzzle. 

Word puzzles stimulate the brain and keep it active for longer. Do yourself a favour and puzzle your way to a younger brain.


Addictive Nine-Letter Word Puzzles

Mervyn Mudal returns with fifty comical events, each captured in just 50 words. Not only can Mervyn write curious letters but is also a master of tiny tales.

Mervyn’s family and friends are a constant source of comedic events, Find out what happens when Uncle Rodney takes to the highway in his new car…!

A book full to the brim with hilarious tales.

Fifty Funnies from Mervyn Mudal

Mervyn’s curious and comical letters have been sent to many well-known people including Maggie beer, Tanya Plibersek, Heads of Government, sporting personalities and the chief executives of Qantas, Westpac, Toyota and Harrods.

The Curious Letters of Mervyn Mudal

This is my first foray into a children’s novel and living in Noosa where the Noosa Triathlon is held every year gave me the idea for this novel.

This heart-warming story is about a boy and his dog who enter the first dogathlon to win the prize to help his grandfather.

Ralph, Buster & the World's First Dogathlon

This brilliantly-illustrated book is a revisited fairytale with fun and a challenge thrown in for young readers and their families. An interesting concept and a wonderful story with a difference – maths and literature combined.

Roy Bisson is a talented illustrator who brings life, detail and humour into all his drawings.

Snowybright & the Eight Dwarfs

This is my first book which has now been reprinted. 

The letters are to famous people such as Nelson Mandela, President Clinton, Ken Done, Bryce Courtenay, Nick Farr-Jones and Cathy Freeman.

It’s a great book to dip into and brighten your day with a smile.

The Humphrey Hatt Letters