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Addictive Nine-Letter Word Games – 80 puzzles and answers

Make as many words of four letters or more from the nine letters provided in each puzzle. The highlighted letter must be used in every word.

Results are judged as good, superior or exceptional. Solutions are in the back of the book.

The Curious Letters of Mervyn Mudal – A5 – 148 pages

Mr and Mrs Mudal have found life quite puzzling since their move to the Sunshine Coast. Having been farmers in Goondiwindi for most of their lives, encountering their new more sophisticated life has been a challenge. Mervyn is not one to sit back and wonder, so he becomes a prolific letter writer. His letters explain the problems he and Mrs Mudal are experiencing and he demands explanations. He doesn’t waste time by writing to employees; all his complaints and queries are addressed to government heads, chiefs of industry, prominent celebrities and sporting personalities.

This book was launched at Noosa Arts & Crafts at Wallace House on May 19, 2015. Our Guest Speaker was Local Clr. Sandy Bolton.

Ralph, Buster & the World’s First Dogathlon.  A5 – 90 pages.

Ralph’s Grandfather needs a heart operation but there is a long waiting list. If Ralph can come up with $5000, Pop can have the operation privately. The only hope is the world’s first Dogathlon being held in Ra;ph’s home town of Noosa in Queensland. The race involves a boy or girl and their dog running for three kilometres and swimming two hundred metres. First Prize is $5000, but Ralph and his dog, Buster, have serious competition, particularly from Ralph’s school rival, Jimmy and his dog, Fang.

Do Ralph and Buster have a chance of winning the race and secure the prize money for Pop’s operation?

Snowybright and the Eight Dwarfs.A4 – 30 pages.

Published in 2010, the book is a humorous version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is aimed at children in the six to ten year old bracket. Superbly illustrated by Roy Bisson, it encourages children to not only read an amusing story, but also discover words, numbers, phonetics and spelling.

The Humphrey Hatt Letters – A4 -88 pages – Pub. 1998, Reprint 2010

This book describes a variety of events involving the amazing Hatt family. They include Humphrey’s correspondence with Australian and world leaders, celebrities and sporting personalities.

You’ll enjoy Humphrey’s appeals; to Tony Abbott suggesting he organise a Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras;  to Bill Clinton regarding male circumcision; • to Andrew Denton about Humphrey’s son, Herbert’s role in the school play;  to Nelson Mandela regarding a family visit to South Africa; to Bryce Courtenay seeking advice on writing a novel and many many more.

Fifty Funnies from Mervyn Mudal

Following the success of The Curious Letters of Mervyn Mudal, Neville Mills was inspired to capture 50 of Mervyn’s tales – each in just 50 words.

Mervyn’s family and friends are a constant source of comedic events. So if you are interested in what happens with the Vicar’s Fine Sermon, a 60th Wedding Anniversary, Taking Tea with Rebecca, and a Jungle Joke, then this is the book for you. This book is written for fun – read some out at dinner parties to get your guests laughing, read a few to brighten a rainy day, or just enjoy a little nonsense.